A Story of a Family Portrait

Every family portrait that I have done has a special place in my heart, whether it’s a themed Star Wars dedicated illustration or a wedding couple holding hands. I can say it’s a habit now for the most recent one to be my most favourite.
This one was created based on my husband’s family shoot that took place in the Arboretum several month. The couple bought a package deal from us on a charity auction and we are so thankful to this wonderful family of four with their cute little daughters who helped to raised funds for another Australian family Matt and Katie.

This family portrait will stay in my memory and my heart because of the incredible people it was created for.

If you one to find out more how to order a family photo shoot and a portrait based on it please contact me or my husband Anton Kross Photography.

Raisa_Kross_Illustrator_Family_Portrait_Canberra_Site AntonKross_Photographer_Canberra-01 AntonKross_Photographer_Canberra-02 AntonKross_Photographer_Canberra-03

Photo by Anton Kross

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