AntonKrossPhotography-for-RaisaKrossRaisa Kross (aka Raya) is a Russian-born Australia-based illustrator and graphic designer. She studied Art and Design back in Russia and worked there as a designer before she become a watercolour illustrator.

Being a wedding photographer’s wife she had a great opportunity to meet lovely couples and families which got her involved in creating family portraits illustrations and wedding stationery.

Encouraged by her friends and family she started to dip more into illustrating, studying it and developing her skills and now she works on children’s book illustrations, bespoke watercolour picture and custom portraits.

Raya has an Etsy store RaisaKrossPictures where you can order a custom illustration, a portrait and wedding stationery or buy print copies of her original works. You can also send her a custom request directly on her email: RaisaKrossIllustrations@gmail.com


Paint the Town – Featured by In the City magazine and The Canberra Times website with a short story and an interview with me




Series of illustrations dedicated to Canberra – featured by Visit Canberra on their Facebook page.




“Drawn Together” Custom Family Portrait – featured in issue eight of Hello May! Cover and photo by Mitch Pohl.




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