Custom Wedding Invitations
Step by step ordering your Custom Watercolour Wedding Invitations

Custom watercolour wedding invitations has that wow effect on the guests.

You have been planning your wedding for a while now, but you haven’t shared it with your people yet to let them know when and how your Big Day is happening. Your wedding invitations can be quirky, romantic, luxurious or anything you want them to be and to say. But most importantly it can be filled with personality and all of those important details specific to your celebration.

If you love my Illustration style get in touch a custom quote. It would be great to know how many prints you are after and when is the wedding date. This will be enough to get an estimate.

Ready to order

At this stage it would be great if you has already settled on your wedding style, colours and florals. Have a wedding mood board – send it along. Samples of wedding invitations that you take your inspiration from are also welcome. The more I know about your wedding styling plans the better.

Your venue(s) and details that you want to have on the invitations are essential at this stage too, but we will deal with the exact wording later.

Pencil Sketches

Next step is pencil sketches. Based on your information I will create a black and white sketch and make a mock up digital layout so you can visualise how your Custom Watercolour Wedding Invitations will look like. You will get up to two revisions and we will play around with the text.

Finiship up

After you are happy with the sketch and the text bit I will finish all the illustrations in colour, and again, I will send a digital layout for you to approve.

Putting your guest names on invitations won’t cost anything additional, but please send me the names listed exactly as you want to see them to be on the invitations. Envelopes and printing addresses on them are optional and the price will depends on the size.

Custom Watercolour Wedding Invitations Examples

My favourite Custom Watercolour Wedding Invitations size and format is a tri-folded or harmonica style invitations. We can put all the details in on card and the cost to print is similar to a classic set of cards style.

The best part going with custom watercolour illustrations you can use them for the rest of the wedding stationery and keep everything in one style.

As an alternative to Custom Watercolour Wedding Invitations you can browse through my ready to customise sets. You might find something that already suits the style of your dream wedding and safe some time and costs of creating custom illustrations.

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